If you are thinking about buying a home soon, 2009 may be the best year in a long time. Rates are down as low as they've been in years and now the 2009 Economic Stimulus Package includes a homebuyers tax credit. There is one version in the Senate which has a $15,000 Homebuyers Tax Credit and one version in the House which has a $7,500 credit, but only one of or a completely new version will survive.
There was an earlier version of the tax credit in 2008 as well. Confused yet about the 2008 tax credit and the proposed 2009 tax credit? Click on the links above to read the 2009 Economic Stimulus Package and the $15,000 Homebuyers Tax Credit – All the answers to your questions from the Investing Blog. This post is a good outline of the differences and will be kept it up to date as things progress through congress. So be sure and check back often as the package goes to vote in both houses of congress and then across the president's desk.

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