Over the last couple of weeks I have went through Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps expanding out the smaller sub-steps of each one. In case you missed one of the steps or you are just getting here, below are links to each of the Expanded Baby Steps.

I hope you have or will read through each step and leave comments if you have any questions, ideas, or opinions.

Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps - Expanded
Baby Step 0: Live like no one else…
Baby Step 1.0:Save $1,000 in Baby Emergency Fund (BEF)
Baby Step 2.0: Do debt snowball, paying all your debts from lowest BALANCE to highest

Baby Step 3.0: Save 3-6 months EXPENSES in a Fully Funded Emergency Fund (FFEF)
Baby Step 4.0: Start Contributing 15% of you paycheck to retirement
Baby Step 5.0: Save for kids college fund
Baby Step 6.0: Pay off house EARLY
Baby Step 7.0: Build Wealth & Give - … so now you can live like no one else!!

There is actually one more step that I will be going over soon. It's not part of Dave's steps but it will be one of my financial priorities:


This one might take a lifetime, but it is a worthy goal and one I plan to pursue whole heartedly.

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