Baby Step 5.0: Save for kids college fund

NOTE: There are 3 common college savings avenues

  • Education IRA or Education Savings Account
  • UTMA or UGMA (Universal Transfer/Gift to Minors Act)
  • State Sponsored 529 Plan

Our plan:

  1. Once the second mortgage is paid off, then we can start retirement back and begin our college fund.
  2. Right now we have some money sitting in an ING account designated for our son. I actually haven’t made up my mind yet exactly which avenue we will use for the college fund. Considering using a Roth IRA in my wife’s name, that way it’s not tied solely to education and then if they don’t need or use it, it’s just extra retirement funds for us.

    Another note on steps 4.0 and 5.0, they are typically done at the same time.

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