In case you missed this because it was buried under all the inauguration day hype, the credit card processing company Heartland Payment Systems exposed millions of credit card numbers over a number of months. These were Visa and MasterCard transactions. They didnt even know about the breach until Visa and MasterCard notified them, and that was LAST YEAR! See articles here and here.

Our local credit union has a actual list (that is continuing to be updated) of the card numbers that were compromised. All I had to do was make a phone call and at this point our debit cards are in the clear. They suggested call again in another week or so just to re-verify.

I also called ING to check on our Electric Orange debit cards. The initial CS rep didnt have a clue what I was talking about, so she put me on hold and after talking with the fraud department, she said that they had reviewed the accounts and no debit cards were compromised and they were not issuing new cards based on this breach. Very friendly and efficient.

If dont have an ING account, consider opening one, and if you want a $25 bonus (with $250 deposit) let me know and Ill get you a referral link.

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