I believe it has already started, but have we made it through yet, I don’t think so. I believe the biggest and most dangerous part is still to come.

Larry BurkettImage via WikipediaFor those of you that have not read or heard of Larry Burkett or his book The Coming Economic Earthquake
let me provide a brief back ground. Larry founded a ministry called Christian Financial Concepts (CFC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching the biblical principles of handling money. In September 2000, CFC merged with Crown Ministries, creating a new organization, Crown Financial Ministries. Burkett served as Chairman of the Board of Directors until his death. In 1991, he wrote the book The Coming Economic Earthquake, which warned that Keynesian economic policies, with ideals for continuing federal deficits and the implicit preference for higher levels of consumption, reduced saving, and a larger role for government in the economy are a means to disaster. Burkett questioned whether or not elected leaders would take action in time to prevent fiscal chaos, and believed they would not. His “predictions” focused on the year 2000 as the turning point and when that time came and went most dismissed his book and its information as false and irrational doom and gloom.

What is most interesting to me is how his presentation of the facts and the predictions he made in the book are relevant today and what I can learn from them. As I wade through the book, I plan to present pertinent information in the form of short quotes or brief passages share my thoughts on how they pertain to today’s circumstances.

I must convey that I do not have any financial background and that my views are based solely on my experiences. So please add your comments and opinions and feel free to correct me if I’m heading off in the wrong direction and I attempt to apply Larry’s information from 1991 to 2009’s reality.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the insider cover of the book:

      If I’m wrong, anyone who follows the directions in this book will be better off financially. If I’m right, they will be among the few to prosper in what may well be the greatest economic calamity of the millennium. (emphasis is Larry’s)

Larry Burkett’s Earthquake – Part 1 Seeds of Destruction

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