A lot of people are familiar with Dave Ramsey and his Baby Steps. Especially those reading personal finance blogs. Some people have also read his books and visited his website, and may have even went through Financial Peace University. But other than those individuals, there are even more people who have never read the books, may or may not know the baby steps, and really overall dont have a clue what they are. Even if you do know what they are, you may not have a good idea of where to get started and what exactly each step includes and how to achieve the end result of each step.

Over the next several articles, I will dive in and present Expanded Baby Steps. I will lay out the ground work for each step and give you our personal experiences and the specific steps that we went through on the journey to getting out of debt.

First let’s look at Daves list of Baby Steps:

1 Starter Emergency Fund - $1,000

2 Debt Snowball

3 Fully Funded Emergency Fund 3 to 6 Months Expenses

4 Invest 15% in Retirement

5 College Funding

6 Pay-off Home Early

7 Build Wealth & Give

Heres a link to Daves pdf version.

Stay Tuned for

Baby Step 0: Live like no one else

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